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360° Survey Tools

Why 360° Feedback?
Understanding our behaviours and how we interact with others helps us understand the impact we have on those around us. The perceptions we get from the other within our circle of influence, whether those perceptions are accurate or inaccurate, often impact our level of success and satisfaction.
This is where 360° Feedback comes in.

From feedback to dialogue...

Our Services

The Human Heroes contrast

For over a decade Human Heroes has specialized in implementing survey-feedback based applications, conducting data analyses and delivering support on the results. Our authentic combination of systems and service provide unmatched quality in providing online assessment- and survey solutions.
However, we are not just a software vendor, but a full service firm that provides expertise, personal care, qualitative assessment technology, and specialized 360° Feedback solutions that turn feedback into results.
We have implemented hundreds of customized survey-feedback tools. These projects range from less than 10 participants to thousands of participants in some of the most widely recognized companies. However, our 360° Feedback solutions do not begin and end with technology. Each project receives personalized attention. We go far beyond a basic software application in our design, administration, and follow-up of each project.

Our Approach To Projects

What Do We Offer


Product Strategy

We support you to translate strategy into concrete solutions tailored to the needs of your customer and embed technology smartly with advantages of opportunities.


User Experience, Interface Design

We mainly anticipate what an average end-user may see and may need to do and we ensure that the interface elements look natural and easy to understand.


Development and Delivery

While shaping the software development cycle to the desired functionality we also take care of the adaptability, reusability and changeability.


Implementation and Support

We are not only at your disposal with the technical support during the delivery- and post-phase, but of course also far beyond.