Promote a healthy culture

Providing constructive feedback that helps people grow in their careers

Most organizations today use 360° Feedback in some form or another, although the purpose varies. Based on the needs of your organization, you can align the 360° Feedback process to reach collective objectives. Some project types:


Personal Targeted Development

  • Directly focuses on personal and career development
  • Discovers where you are and where you need to grow or improve
  • Results in the creation of a personalized action plan

Team Effectiveness

  • Focuses on team-effectiveness skills, along with strengths and areas for improvement
  • Allows groups to come together on goals and work better as a team
  • Promotes a safe environment to share "the undiscussables"

Performance Appraisal

  • Creates a 360 perspective of job performance and behaviors
  • Provides a more objective and accurate view of individual contributions and effectiveness
  • Results can be factored into administrative actions

360° Feedback is essential, but that is certainly not an end in itself!


From feedback to dialogue

Is feedback only the input that must then lead to new action through self-reflection? (After all, we are already busy enough with the issues of the day...)

You can provide effective support here by including reflective questions, which are alive within the organization, and making them also a natural part in follow-up meetings!

Importance of customization

When designing a constructive feedback evironment, the foundation must be based on the development of the team and it should be made clear that insights in both strengths and weaknesses are based on support for employees in the growth of their careers. Constructive 360° Feedback doesn’t only focus on performance or performance assessments, but rather on all aspects that are related to employee’s behavior. In this way it can help both the person and the team to clarify and improve their interactions, their communication and in the end... their job performance and satisfaction.